Idea & Concept

We begin with a thought, an idea. This idea is debated and moulded by the development team until a viable solution is agreed. The solution for any site must be both aesthetically appealing and in keeping with the local area, but also commercially pragmatic and viable.

Design Process

The development team partners with professional architects, and works up the initial concept into a detailed design. At this stage, the cost consultants and engineers advice and input is also sought, again ensuring that whilst a visually exciting development is being designed, the project figures and finances also make sense.


We use reputable construction firms with a demonstrable history of high-quality delivery of similar assets in similar areas. Our team will closely oversee the build during construction, again ensuring high quality level of delivery, on time and on budget.

Leasing & Management

Our in-house leasing team works closely with select external brokers to ensure the best possible tenant mix is achieved for all developments.

Once leased, the team handles all aspects of billing, rental collection and facilities management on our portfolio. We ensure reputable contractors are used for facilities maintenance, managed closed by our people.

Duminy Str, Transport Str and Caxton Str industrial node